‘My journey to health freedom’.

Today I started on a new journey that I have called ‘My journey to health freedom’. I will tell you why I started the journey and decided to blog about it.

For 9 years now I have struggled with my health. I had my first born in 2008 and put on a lot of weight. I moved from being 65kg to 106. I had my second born in 2010 and by that time I hadn’t lost the weight from the first baby. I just added to what I had already accumulated. Now my weight fluctuates between 112kg – 126kgs.

With weight came all sorts of illnesses. High / low Blood Pressure – depending on how the body felt some seasons it would be low and some seasons high. I developed gall bladder stones that were only confirmed after 3 years of pain. All along I was being treated for ulcers. And many more other illnesses. The doctors told me to lose some weight and I worked hard and lost 17kgs. I was supper excited about it.

I struggled with stomach pains for 3 good years. I had excruciating pain and every doctor gave me a different diagnosis. I was in and out of hospital. In 2016 I was referred to India for further management of my stomach pains. I met great doctors in India that diagnosed me correctly and I ended up having to undergo an operation. The operation was done and wallah!!!…..I was free.

I had not been well for 3 years so the feeling of being well to me was magical. When I fully recovered from the operation, I was finally free…… My God!!! it felt like I had not been well my entire life. I couldn’t believe that I would move without medication in my handbag – (I always had 3 sets of medication. One in my bathroom, one in my living room and one in my handbag).  I couldn’t believe that I would eat everything I wanted and would not get any pains. I was very happy that I was well mentally and physically.  I decided to celebrate my ‘wellness’. The celebration went on for a year and unfortunately I went right back where I was. I piled the weight back and little by little illnesses here and there began to crop up.

Not long ago I was seated – tired from work, not wanting to move and I called my 9 year old daughter Kimberley to send me the remote, my phone charger and drinking water. My daughter said something to me that moved me. She said; ‘mummy I love you and don’t mind how you look but you need to get smaller so you can start doing those things for yourself‘. That innocent statement hit me hard. I went deep into thought. I was sad and angry with my self. I started deep thought on what I wanted for myself and my family.

I realized I wanted to be free. I love it when am free. I decided I wasn’t going to be held captive anymore. I was going to be free and all it takes is me. I didn’t need permission from anyone, I had the power. I took charge of ‘My journey to health freedom’.

And that is how this blog was borne.

I have been researching and reading about many life styles and I selected one that I felt I had seen amazing results. It is called ‘Juicing’. I decided I was adopting it because not only does it help you lose weight, it reboots your body.

I wanted to blog about my progress for encouragement from the readers, friends and family and to also encourage anybody out there that may need encouragement.  Today is day one and I will keep updating progress.

Thank you

Mama Kim

20 thoughts on “‘My journey to health freedom’.

  1. I have learnt that It is not the easiest of journeys to take and lots of self determination and drive is required. Just starting it takes immense courage, so you are definitely on the right side of juicing…..with time,it becomes a lifestyle.A beautiful one.

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  2. Wow Martha! Thank you dor being so honest and sharing such a personal journey! You are a true inspiration to us all. We are 1000% behind you! You go gal!!!

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