My day One and Two

I am on day two of my juicing. Buoy what a challenge!!!!

Day one was easier than I thought. I had been prepared for worse but I think it was ok. The temptation was massive with our lunch meals at work, we snack quite a bit so not having to join in was hard. Meantime at home my girl prepared banana leaves steamed rice and served it near me. It was steaming hot and OMG what a temptation it was!! I just wanted to dig in. I also had to prepare the juice for the next day and it wasn’t easy coz my mind was playing tricks on me. My other gal is on leave and I decided to do it my self because the gal at home was tired.

Day two on the other hand has been tougher than day one. I woke up a little weak but had to prepare the kids for school. I felt kind of struggling to stand for long. Anyway I put on my ‘big gal pants’ and stuck it out. Am grateful that I had support at home and work. My colleagues were cheering me on and didn’t allow me to touch food. I walked into my boss’s office to a JAVA’s delivery and I just took a photo, normally I would take some. Then break tea for the meeting I was attending had very nice chapattis and sausages, big temptation but my colleagues Peter and Patrick couldn’t allow me to mess up my day two.

I got a bit of nausea and a constant desire to lie down but I believe that should be expected on day 2. I also had a work dinner which am dodging because it will be weird for me to just sit and watch. Shhhhh… boss doesn’t know this, please don’t tell.

Apart from feeling like I want to lie down, am not craving anything on day two and am not hungry. Just some weird lazy feeling I have but am ok. Am surprised that am not craving cheesy chips.

I will share some pictures and videos that I have taken or recorded.

No one said it would be easy, am prepared to go all through. Kim and Kay are cheering me on and I can’t let them down.


Mama Kim

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