Day Three and Four

I am thankful that am able to do this. It gets easier by the day.

Day 3 was ok. I had a good day generally. In the night I was super hungry and had to tell my mum deep in the night about it and all she said was; ‘your body is cleansing’ and I felt like screaming thru the phone like; muuuuuuuuuuuuum……

I didn’t feel hungry during the day which was surprising.

After work I reached home to pilao, chips etc. My maid is one of the best cooks in this country, her chips are unmatched. But my daughter couldn’t allow me to even look. She just said; ‘no mum, no mum, go to the fridge and pick your juice’. I wasn’t intending to eat but she wasn’t taking chances. I decided to go to my bed at 8:00pm and within minutes I was asleep till 6:00am. Never slept like that before. For me thats a big big big plus to this raw diet.

Day 4 is the best so far. No hunger, the cravings are minimized, I feel good. Gives me hope that it gets better with time. I now need to train my mind to remember to drink on time. The hunger is subdued and so I forget my meal time. I also need to drink a little more water, I hardly drunk today.

Am very appreciative for the support am receiving at work. No one allows me to even be tempted. A friend Fatie for those who know her got me drinking and the first thing she wanted to know was whether I was cheating. I had to prove to her that I wasn’t – I was on my recommended juice. My team had a special lunch today in our boardroom, it was a very nicely prepared meal. They saw me near the table and half of them were pushing me away. I wanted to see what they were having and they couldn’t hear of it. I have received lots of encouragement and support thru my facebook inbox and whatsapp – am thankful. I appreciate that my support is home, social media and work. I don’t take that for granted. Am glad I took the courage to blog.

I will take my weigh-in every 7days and will share with you.

This is ‘My journey to health freedom’ and the takeoff has been great. Am excited of what is to come in the future.

Thank you for being part of my journey. Thank you for reading or following my story. It keeps me accountable.


Mama Kim

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