Day Five, Six and Seven

Day five was super easy for me. I went through without any issues. I was happy I went thru it well and am thankful.

The weekend on the other hand was extremely difficult. It took will power for me not to break apart. I was tempted in every angle. I was surrounded by very very good food. The food at home was great. We had someone with a birthday home so there was cake.

I think not being able to eat kind of made me irritable and I kept snapping – not sure it was that but I know I was irritable.

The temptations intensified in the late afternoons into evenings. I would take water and my juice and off to bed.

Am so thankful to Jackie that has been my rock thru this journey so far. She has gone thru it and is constantly there to support me.

I am thankful to God that I stuck it thru the weekend without cheating. Am ready for week two and am believing God for a successful end of week. This journey is not about losing weight, its about regaining my health freedom. Weightloss is a by product.

And now, drum roll pleeeeeeeease……….

My progress for week one is as follows;-

I lost 4.2kgs

I lost 63.2inches around the waist, thighs, burst, arm etc.

Thats very good progress for week one. I know the weeks to come may not be that great but am comfortable with that.

Week two here I come.


Mama Kim

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