Day Eight and Nine

What can I say!!!! These went by unnoticed. Am now back in my normal self, I feel normal. Just realized that am having very good quality sleep which helps alot.

Day nine made me realize that am winning at all fronts. I had two functions with very very good finger foods and I attended both and didn’t touch whatever I wasn’t supposed to touch. Thats victory thus freedom. I had a very annoying situation. I was too p***ed off that I almost fell ill. One of those that you can’t share with a living soul. In the past I would run to food and the cravings to go to Cafesserie and eat a big meal were there in drones but I didn’t barge – thats victory. I decided to instead write this.

Thank you for all the encouragement I am receiving, means alot and keeps me going. Many people reach out to me and tell me they’re following my journey. I have had 5 people get inspired and join me on the journey. I have had a couple constantly discouraging me and am not giving up – they have along way to wait. Just shut those out. This is working wonders for me and am doing it.


Mama Kim

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