Day 15, 16 and 17

Nothing much happened on these days. It was business as usual. Thou on day 16 I felt dizzy. I was kind of busy and not hungry so I didn’t eat. I just got a weird dizziness and ended up calling my consultant. She just said, drink a bottle of juice and take a nap. Once I did, I was back in my high spirits. The lesson I learnt from it was to time myself on my meal times so I don’t miss any. She said my body is going through ‘withdrawal symptoms’ and I need to feed timely.

Today was quite challenging thou. My daughter was ill and I have a wedding soon that I am a Maid of Honor. I had to take my kid to hospital then escort my bride shopping and make her priority. I started in the morning till 7:00pm. That meant I had one meal (500mls of green juice) thru the day. I tried to find some Juice without sugar in town in vain. Looked for some boiled veggies in vain. I was making sure I don’t make it about me and stress out my bride. Today was about her and I knew I could survive a couple of hours. By 7:00pm I was exhausted and weak. But once I reached home and had 1ltr of my very rich green juice, I was baaaaaaaaaack. Lesson learnt; if not sure of your day, stock up on juice in the tummy. Take like a ltr before leaving home. Lesson two; I need to know places in town that serve the kind of juices and the kind of meals that am having now.

Thank you for following my journey. This week is gone to me, am already looking forward to next week.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


Mama Kim

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