My Journey

Happy New Year Good people

I have not posted in a while. I have been unwell for a while. I like to write about my story and I need to always find the right time, right state of mind and right mood to write. Thats when my thoughts flow.

This period came with all sorts of challenges and illnesses but I believe that is behind me now. Definitely affected my program but not in a big way. With 13tablets a day, 30mls of syrups and constantly inhaling, I put my dear green juice on a back burner for a while. With the bitterness in my mouth and zero appetite definitely couldn’t think green.

I have been easing into my journey and am glad am slowly picking up. Made changes here and there so I can stay focused. Am starting the green juice slowly to help me cleanse out all these drugs that I have taken over this period. It’s alot!!!!

I really appreciate all the friends that have continued to support me, constantly checking on me and keep pushing me to stay focused. I thank you and always grateful that you’re in my life. It makes this journey doable.

2018 is my year and I can’t wait to get back in line. Am excited about this year.

Happy New Year


Mama Kim

2 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Am excited for you too. I know you will make it. Just remember if a mountain was smooth, you wouldnt climb it. For every hassle you meet on this journey just know you are climbing and soon it will be done.
    With Love.
    Milly Og

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