Back on track…💃💃

Happy Valentines day good people.

This has been a long way coming but am back on track. Hasn’t been easy but this whole journey is determination. I had to figure out many things in my head first.

I am so thankful for Jacque who has literally held my hand. She is a big inspiration and she keeps giving me different ways of not getting bored and yet achieve my goals. She checks on me frequently to ensure am good and not messing up. Because she has walked this journey herself, she has experienced almost all the challenges I encounter and helps prepare me.

I am so thankful that my colleagues too have joined this journey. It is now a team ‘thing’. Their’s may not be exactly like mine but it is a journey. The team meals have changed – thou I mostly carry mine from home. The attitude towards health living has changed. One of my colleagues started last year with me but because he was consistent he has lost half his weight and looks like a totally different person. He looks so good. He works out a lot and is consistent with his diet. His been an inspiration too.

Wait for it…….wait for it……. The last time I checked I had lost 1.5kgs, end of this week I hope I will have lost more. I didn’t take my inches, will do next week Monday. This is a very good result and am happy.

Am back!!!!💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

Thank you for following my journey.


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